Be the Tree Rites of Passage Collective - Fall 2023

The “Be The Tree” collective ignites mental, spiritual and emotional shifts in the lives of the women who choose to take part in the 4-month process. Graduates of the program share that the program opens up a pathway to a deeper understanding of themselves and provides a greater sense of purpose in the world. Program sessions include interactive and experiential activities, authentic and enlightening group discussions, sacred rituals, emotional and artistic expression and a level of camaraderie and sisterhood with other women that expanded their capacity to partner, share and trust. The program curriculum is educational, challenging, provocative and inspiring, and, at the conclusion of the process, participants will partake in a closing ceremony receive a certificate of completion and become lifelong members of the “Be The Tree” collective. 


Register Today for  Be the Tree Cohort 22, - Spring 2023 VIRTUAL Cycle 

We will be hosting both of our program tracks virtually during this cycle. It is our commitment to ensure the safety and well-being of the participants and community partners who we are privileged to serve from cities, states and countries around the world! We will offer two virtual collectives. One will take place on Sundays beginning Sunday, August  27th, 2023 from 6:00pm - 9:00pm EST. The second option will take place Mondays, beginning on Monday, August 28th, 2023 from 6:30pm to 9:30pm EST.  

Both program tracks will run for 4 months (with certain breaks in programming due to holidays that take place during the program cycle).


Tuition Details:

Full Program Tuition: $1,500 

4-Monthly Payments: $375/month

What You Can Expect Your Be the Tree Rites of Passage Program to Include:

  • AN OPENING RITUAL to initiate you into the “Be The Tree" Rites of Passage process
  • FULL MEMBERSHIP IN A COLLECTIVE of power-full women
  • WEEKLY “VIRTUAL” GROUP SESSIONS to activate mind, body, spirit transformation  
  • A SET OF TOOLS and systems to support you with initiating and sustaining  your mind, body, spirit transformation
  • LIFE’S WORK ASSIGNMENTS to allow you to practice, apply and reinforce the tools and skills that you learn in the process.
  • A COACH to guide you through the possible and support you with Inner’standing, understanding and practicing the tools
  • A CLUSTER OF W.I.S.E WOMEN who will be assigned to be your accountability partners as you move through the process
  • A WEEKLY 1 HOUR 15 MINUTE CLUSTER CALL to practice the tools/distinctions of the program, connect with your cluster Si-stars and to work with your coach.
  • MEMBERSHIP IN OUR “SECRET” FACEBOOK GROUP (The group is not open to the general public. Members are current participants, graduates, coaches and/or facilitators for the program)
  • ACCESS TO THE “BE THE TREE”  COACHING TEAM to provide guidance, answer questions and support you as you move through the process    
  • RITUALS & SACRED RITES that will allow you to experience the power of the collective, tap into your spirituality and deepen the process
  • SPECIAL EVENTS/SERVICES for you and your extended community
  • A CLOSING CEREMONY which include a certificate of completion and tokens that reflect your experience and accomplishments while in the program

How to Get the Most Out of the Program

Honor your tuition agreement as outlined (pay the amount that you are required to pay on the date(s) designated in your agreement);


Keep/Honor your WORD (keep the sacred agreements as outlined by the program);


Attend each of the virtual sessions;


BE ON TIME for every session or supplemental meeting;


Bring a positive and optimistic attitude to the process. You get what you give. Treat others and the process the way that you want to be treated;


Stay in communication. Maintain ongoing contact with the Coaches & The Members of the Collective – In Person, Virtually, Text, Phone Calls, Email etc.;


BE COACHABLE. Be open to the feedback and nourishment that the leadership and sisterhood provide as you move through the sacred process;


Connect with your “Be The Tree” Sisterhood (Participants & Leaders). Complete ALL of the “Life’s Work” Assignments, AS DESIGNED;


Ask questions for clarification and to forward the process and progress;


Expect to be challenged.. Be open and willing to receive honest and direct coaching & feedback;


Use your journal to record what you learn and to reflect on your progress;


Wear comfortable clothing as we will be engaging in physical activities;


Fully participate with the process while in session and outside of the process, and 


Apply what you learn to every facet of your life. This journey is designed to have an impact on your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual development. 

Tuition Payment Plans

4-Monthly Installments of $375

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One-Time Full-Tuition Payment of $1,500

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Join the "Be the Tree" Rites of Passage Collective for Women Today!

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